“Harvard University has an endowment valued at $45 billion! Duke University has an endowment valued at $12 billion! WPI has an endowment valued at $500 million!” says Dan Kamau, the Executive Trustee and Project Director as he explains how the Kshs 20 billion Diaspora University endowment plan.

“Through extensive research when working closely with WPI professors who are the founders of the university, we established the plans and systems for creating the Kshs 20 billion endowment for Diaspora university,” says Dan.

He adds, “The Diaspora University endowment plan incorporates the development of Diaspora University Town (DUT) by the university.”

He explains that the endowment systems that started WPI University in 1865 helped shape and achieve the Diaspora University endowment plan. He says, “We looked at how WPI started. We then came up with the nine resources of plans, systems, and incentives approach when establishing and developing the endowment.

Dan informs us that the first resource of the endowment plan is the WPI system or plan. He says, “Diaspora University will adopt the WPI system/plan. This is a system theory and practice teaching approach that has evolved over the last 150 years to also incorporate project-based learning. It is one of the best education systems in the world.”

“The second resource that establishes the endowment is the Master Development Plan (MDP) of jobs creation, house development and GDP growth,” says Dan. He explains the MDP as integrated sustainable systems for job creation and for advancing economic, social development. and environmental rights that are in Kenya constitution articles 42 and 43.

He states, “The MDP will create the endowment as it creates 20,000 jobs, 6,000 townhouses and establishes a GDP of Kshs 20 billion. As we grow Kenya GDP so shall the Diaspora University endowment grow.”

The other plans, systems and resources that achieve the endowment are listed as townhouse developers, land, design-build plan, energy plan, country government incentives, national government incentives and the finance plan.

Dan says, “Most of the resources are established.”  He explains that these resources will develop a town and a university. “The endowment of Kshs 20 billion created will fund the university with Kshs 6 billion funding Diaspora university property and Kshs 14 billion funding the Students finance fund.”

On the future growth of the Diaspora University endowment, Dan says that the MDP systems of advancing jobs creation, houses development and GDP growth will continue to grow the university endowment.

He says, “In 30 years after Diaspora University opens the endowment will grow ten times to reach Kshs 200 billion as Diaspora University and Diaspora University students play a role in expanding Kenya GDP from the current $100 billion to over $1 trillion.”