Dan Kamau the Diaspora University Town (DUT) Executive Trustee and Project Director says that the DUT Master Development Plan is a Kshs 130 billion budget. He says the biggest budget is the Town House development at Kshs 48 billion. He adds, “The Kshs 130 billion budget is for meeting the constitution rights of Kenyans, creating jobs and growing Kenya GDP.”

Explaining the Master development plan budget, Dan says it is an integration sustainable budget or formula for jobs creation, town development and GDP growth. He states that the Master development plan incorporates systems and plans like those that anchor the U.S $21 trillion GDP. He says, “The Diaspora University Town will reach a Kshs 20 billion GDP at the completion of the budget.”

Discussing the interrelation of the MDP and GDP, Dan says that the goal of the MDP is to make resources in Kenya productive. He states that GDP is a measure of the goods and services produced and consumed in a country. He says, “The MDP budget will make 150 million hours of human resource productive.”

Dan adds that the motivation to research, invest and create the Master Development Plan came after seeing the standards created in developed countries and asking the questions, “Can Kenya become developed? Can the environment be free of pollution and professionally managed? Can all Kenyans have access to good housing? Can all houses have clean water?”

He says the answer to all the questions were, “Yes.” He explains the basis of the answer, “Yes.” was the fact that persons in the developed world had put in resources and achieved the same. He adds, “Developed countries are developed because they developed plans, created budgets and then implemented those budgets.”

The Kshs 130 billion budget will open a university and have the first four years of students enrolled; develop a town with 30,000 residents that reaches a GDP of Kshs 20 billion in year 5; produce 2 million square meters of built space for residential, education and commercial needs; create 20,000 jobs in all sectors; develop a hospital with all specialty clinics; develop a system that can facilitate 1 million tourists; and, support the establishment of 500 SMEs.