Dr. Wilson Endege met the Diaspora University Town team in Voi where he got updates of the ongoing Diaspora University Town project. Dr. Endege coming from Boston in the U.S. is visiting Voi to advance the Daktari Biotechnology Medicine and Vaccine Plant, Diaspora University and Diaspora University Medical Hospital. He informed the DUT team working on the project that he was happy with the work they were doing.

Dr. Endege is a scientist with over 20 Years’ experience in Academia-Biotech-Pharmaceutical industry in U.S at The Harvard Institute of Proteomics of Harvard University Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital-Partners HealthCare, Chiron Diagnostics Inc., Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc., AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, New Era Pharma and Yukon Pharma. His research in cancer biomarkers, therapeutic targets and drug discovery has resulted in five (5) patents issued.

The DUT team that met Dr. Endege consisted of persons who have started implementing the plans of the project that include Project development, property development, design-build roads, design-build buildings, ICT, security, medical, environment, water, human resource, natural materials, transport, and other SMEs. Dr. Endege said, “I’m impressed by the ongoing work here in Voi.”

Dan Kamau who lived in the Boston region in Massachusetts, USA is spearheading the project development in Voi welcomed Dr. Endege. He told the DUT team in Voi how he met Dr. Endege and how over the years they progressed the plan that is today ongoing in Voi, Taita Taveta. He said, “Next year this team will have grown to 3,000 as we progress the development.” Dan thanked Dr. Endege for the thousands of hours and the cash he has invested and continues to invest to create jobs in Kenya.

Benjamin Mwandaa, the Chairman of Ndara B Community, and a Diaspora University Trustee welcomed Dr. Endege to Voi. He said everything is ready, the Community members are happy about the project and were looking forward to starting developing the project.

Dr. Endege speaking on the medicine and vaccines plan, said with his fellow scientist they developed the technology. He said that the most crucial resource of medicine and vaccine production is technology. He talked about the technologies that his team will apply in the medicines and vaccines production.

He also talked of the ongoing work of medicine and vaccines products he and his team of scientists are working on and answered questions on the COVID vaccines.

Surveyor Mathias Mjomba, the surveyor of the project that includes the eleven (11) acres plot where the medicine and vaccine plant shall be built welcomed Dr. Endege to Taita Taveta. He said, “The project is ready to progress.” The surveyor who is aspiring to represent the residents of Mwatate Constituency in Parliament and legislative bills and laws in the national assembly further said that once he joins Parliament, he will sponsor bills that support investment and development in Kenya for jobs creation.

Joshua Mwadeghu, a Ndara B Community member who is vying for the job of Member of County Assembly said Dr. Endege’s message is inspiring. He said that he will do everything possible to see that the DUT development progresses and creates jobs in Taita Taveta and develops Kenya.

Dr. Endege visiting the Diaspora University Town site said the next goal is the building of the medicine vaccine plant, the university buildings, the townhouses, and other buildings.

He said, “As you build our team of scientists and scholars will continue to progress the medicine products development so that when the buildings are complete medicine production and education training can start.”

He added, “We want to come and transfer the knowledge that we have to other Kenyans in the next few years before some of us retire.”