CathyJackie Mutahi is an entrepreneur, a go getter, one with many hats and knows how to seize opportunities. When she came across a project called Kenya University Project, she did not wait to understand what it was about she joined the project.  Barely one year later, she wore a T-shirt with the words "Kenya University Project," and carried a bull horn from Baltimore, MD to Las Vegas, NV. Speaking at Las Vegas, she told the world, “I’ll take Las Vegas to Kenya!”

Cathy Jackie at Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that has grown over the years. Unlike other cities like Baltimore founded in 1729, Las Vegas was founded in 1905 in a dry area. Those who became part of the city would dream big and in no time, they found something they could grow the city based on Entertainment.

Las Vegas is today the number one entertainment city in the world. “Just landing in Las Vegas is entertainment,” says CathyJackie. The word Las Vegas is in itself Entertainment.

The city has 240 hotels that have over 140,000 rooms that accommodated the 42 million visitors who visited in 2019. Twenty seven of the hotels have over 2,000 rooms.

Wynn Resort Complex (Wynn and Encore) has 4,768 rooms

CathyJackie says that a town or city that incorporates entertainment as part of its economics will not go wrong. She says, “We all love entertainment. We all like to be happy. I will bring Las Vegas to Diaspora University Town. I will make Diaspora University Town the number one entertainment spot in Kenya.”

CathyJackie further says that she is working on the first 2,000 rooms hotel to be built in Kenya. She says that once the first Diaspora University Townhouses are built, she will take a couple and start growing tourism to Kenya and to The Diaspora University Town.


She says that she will open a list of Diaspora Kenyans who want to be part of the 2000 rooms hotel investment. She adds, “It would be good to have 2,000 Diaspora Kenyans invest in a 2,000 hotel room hotel. We would work hard to promote tourism to Kenya so our hotel is not empty. We can then all meet at the hotel and take up the 2,000 rooms when we visit Kenya.”

Listening to CathyJackie one can start seeing how Las Vegas entertainment grew from ideas. She further states that the tourism plan she is working on will have as many Americans come to visit Kenya. She says, "From the 330 million population, I target to get 10% of that to come visit Kenya in the next 30 years."

She adds, "Once the first visitors come to Kenya this year for the Sagalla Hills Marathon, the goal is to surpass the 3,000 tourists a day coming to Kenya by December 2026. At the same time, the 2,000 rooms hotel open up with more than 20 entertainment shows and countless amenities."

To clarify that she has no doubt of what she is saying and to make sure that she is not misunderstood she posses the following questions, “Don’t we all want to see the big 5 at The Tsavo National Park? Do we have Kenyans who can entertain visitors?”

"There you have it!" she Says.


Asked whether there will be gambling in the hotel, CathyJackie refers to the Kenya Constitution and specifically the words written as follows, “Cultural activities, public entertainment and public amenities, including— (a) betting, casinos and other forms of gambling.”

She adds, “Gambling is part of entertainment. It's legit entertainment. You can bet on it. Its going to be there”