Diaspora University Town (DUT) is for making five (5) resources productive. The five resources once applied together will produce 10,000 jobs at DUT, a town of 15,000 residents, Diaspora university with 5,000 students, 3700 properties and about 300 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) at DUT.

The five resources will develop a $100 million Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at DUT and a new wealth of $1 billion. The new wealth held by Diaspora University Trust, $300 million; about 3,000 owners of 3,600 townhouses at DUT will collectively hold $360 million; and. 300 MSMEs open at DUT will hold wealth of about $340 million.

The five resources that will produce and develop DUT are:

Intellectual Resource
The intellectual resource incorporates inventions, innovations, technologies, plans, and systems.  The DUT – Master Development Plan that is an integrated sustainable system of GDP growth is an intellectual resource developing DUT. WPI Plan, which is a university education system for university education is another intellectual resource. Bacman and LaserArt technologies for medicines and vaccines production are other intellectual resources. The medical hospital development plan of over 50 medical plans of healthcare is an intellectual resource. Over 300 MSMEs that will be open will bring diverse intellectual resources.

Diaspora Kenyans Remittance Resource
The Diaspora Kenyans in 2021 remitted to Kenya $4 billion from the Global GDP of $82 trillion. The remittance resource is part of the resources developing DUT as Diaspora Kenyans invest in Townhouses development and MSMEs development.

Land Resource
The 1500 acres of land is the DUT land resource. The land resource further incorporates the materials on top of the ground and underneath the ground. The materials will contribute to building of houses, roads, and manufactured products.

Human Resource
The human resource is the time input to advance the plans development, buildings development and roads development. DUT will progressively create 10,000 jobs. The persons working in the 10,000 jobs will input about 40 million hours of work to produce DUT as they meet their rights of environment, economic, social and their children rights.

Finance Resource
Finance resource is the money printed in a country and advanced as a credit. Money facilitates the productivity of the intellectual, land and human resources to produce goods and services for human consumption, environment sustenance, and research. The project is progressing to receive cash investments as well as seeking a $500 million finance resource.