Water is life. Humans need water to live every day. Food is a product of water. Rain water is the most important source of water for it supports food production.  Water from the rain can also be a danger in any community. Today as rains continue to fall in Kenya, the uncontrolled water continues to cause floods all over the country. The question in Kenyans minds is how do we control floods and end hunger with this water?

DUT Team of Barnabas Mwandembo (Construction), Dan Kamau (Project Director) & Joseph Mwandairo assess the stream dams

Diaspora University Town (DUT) project of a well-planned town settlement whose plan will manage rain water to sustain the people and environment. The plan will control floods as well as harvest rain water to be applied in food production.

As 25,000 persons settle in the 1,500 acres of Diaspora University Town will have about 30 sand dams along the 6 kilometre network inside the land. The dams that will be spaced around 500 meters will capture about 1 billion litres of rain water. The water will sustain trees along the streams riparian areas.

Sand Dam development along DUT stream 1.

As 4,000 buildings are built there will be about 4,000 underground tanks installed that will harvest about 100 million litres of storm water that falls on the top of buildings. The water will be applied to progress water tree plants especially the trees plants that produce fruits.

Water collects in a sand dam.

Over 60 km or roads will be paved. These paved roads will have all the rain water guided to the storm water infrastructure. The plan is to have at least two water reservoirs constructed that could hold over one billion litres of water. One in the DUT recreation park and the other in Ndara B Community to support farming.

200,000 trees planting is another way of managing storm water. Through the root system trees are able to guide water underground that is very crucial for food production.

Tree Planting at DUT

The Diaspora Kenyans in DUT are inviting other Diaspora Kenyans to play the role of developing planned towns and systems. Diaspora Kenyans are beneficiaries of such plans that manage snow storms, rain storms, hurricanes and are economic systems that create jobs and sustain life.

Water along the Voi-Taveta Road that DUT targets to Harvest as it flows to streams & Voi River

Through planning, Kenyans will benefit from God’s resources of land, water, sunlight and other resources in the country of Kenya. Rainfall in the past month has put in billions of litres of water into all parts of Kenya. Over 70% of the water will flow back to the Ocean. After the rainfall period ends, the cycle again of drought and no food will be experienced. This cycle can be broken through more plans like the DUT plan.