The words 20,000 jobs and picture of the Diaspora remittances at the Diaspora University Town offices at Voi brings joy to many hearts. These the young men and women and who are unemployed in Kenya and in Taita Taveta County. They call the project, “The unemployment eliminator.”

Dan Kamau the Executive Trustee and project director when talking about the project says, “Every year going forward over 1 million Kenyans will enter the job market after turning 18 years and becoming adults. In Taita Taveta County over 5,000 young persons will enter the job market.”

To understand this jobs creation project, Dan directs us to the DUT website, Daktari biotechnology website and DUT credit website. He says, “The websites will tell you the story of DUT project. The websites have the pictures of professors, doctors, nurses, and diverse professionals who are developing the project and creating jobs.”

Dan further informs us that Diaspora University Town resulted from the University Development Plan by the professors and the Housing Development Plan by Diaspora Kenyans.

He tells us that the two plans were merged through an integration sustainable system to become the University Town Development plan. He adds, “The plan was then aligned with Kenya Constitution 2010 to give us the Master Development Plan (MDP).”

We’re thankfully to the professors of WPI University, Prof, (Rtd) Arthur Gerstenfeld and the late Prof. Raphael Njoroge for starting the idea of building a University in Africa based on WPI Plan. Diaspora University is the result of this idea.

We’re thankful of the Diaspora Kenyans who joined the professors to discuss development plans at the WPI U.S-Africa Business conferences. The Diaspora Kenyans work on the housing development plan enabled the jobs creation.

We’re are thankyou to Ndara B community for joining the project through land grant and bringing the unemployment eliminator project to Taita Taveta county.

This project that is also called, “The Dream for Kenya project,” will be good for us who are in the job market. It will be good for those finishing schools as each day it creates new jobs as the project progresses to create 20,000 jobs.

Dan tells us, “This project will not only create 20,000 jobs. The jobs created will put in Kshs 20 billion into the pockets of those working.”

He adds, “The project will also benefit Kenya with a university that thousands of students will be trained to create jobs for the millions growing up. The medical hospital jobs will meet the medical and healthcare needs. We shall produce medicine and vaccines at Diaspora University Town.”