Dan Kamau the Diaspora University Town project director and Diaspora University Trust executive trustee answered a few questions on why the Diaspora University Town (DUT) plan does not sell plots and the building of 4,000 buildings and 60 Km road and infrastructure network.

Dan Kamau caries a stone extracted close to DUT site for testing 

Does DUT sell plots?

No. The DUT project does not sell plots. It instead creates developers through the the DUT integration sustainable system of jobs creation, property development and GDP growth. The property development constitutes of: the 3,778 plots plan, the 4,000 buildings plan, the 60 km roads infrastructure plan, and the house/space usage plan.

For example a DUT town house that is a double house with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms is budgeted to be developed at Ksh 7 million. The development cost per unit incorporates the plot, building and roads infrastructure plans. The house usage plan per month is at Ksh 65,000.

Townhouses Design at DUT

How many town houses shall be built?

3,500 townhouses will be built. These townhouses will be spread across the project and will meet the housing rights of those taking Diaspora University jobs, those opening and taking over 300 MSMEs jobs and other persons who would like to live in a well-planned town with a clean and healthy environment.

Where will you get the Water?

The ongoing DUT water plan incorporates the following water sources. 6 boreholes that can supply up to 1 million liters of water a day. The Mzima Springs water by the national government. The Njoro Springs water by the County Government and Lake Challa water by the Coast Development Authority. By the time the 4,000 buildings are complete we are optimistic that DUT will be receiving over 5 million liters a day from the sources.

Njoro Springs Water in Taveta - Taita Taveta County.

How will you produce the buildings, roads and infrastructure network?

The 4,000 buildings and 60km road network will be produced by the DUT Design-Build (DB) System and Plan. The DB plan is one of the nine primary resources for the Diaspora University and Diaspora University Town development. The DB Plan will be executed through 300 production/contract plans.

The DB plan goal, is to have the buildings produced at the highest quality possible and the people producing the houses and materials meeting their daily rights of food, housing, healthcare and others as they work. The current estimated budget is Ksh 38.3 billion.

What is the DUT design-build system and plan?

The design-build system is a project delivery approach where a design-build team is formed to work under one contract with the project owner. The team provides design and construction services from initial concept through completion. Most development countries have adopted this approach that delivers a project at a faster timeline than the traditional design-bid-build approach that has two entities delivering the project. The DUT design-build system is captured in a 50 page contract document.

The DUT design-Build plan incorporates several plans. The 300 production/contract plans and the timelines of delivery. The material supply plan from the producer. The building material receipt, management and supply to the production areas. The design-builder and design-build team. The human resource (HR) system that will ensure those working in the contracts have continuous work. The equipment application in the different contacts. The environment, safety and security plan.

Dan Kamau can be reached via Email dan@dut.or.ke

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