On  21st July 2023, the Diaspora University Town Workshop, was held at the DUT site. Over 200 persons attended. The primary goal of the workshop was to update on the project and talk of the plan implemented.

Those attending the workshop toured the DUT site before the start of the workshop. The Master of Ceremony (MC) was Joshua Mwadeghu. He kicked off the workshop at 10.30am.

MC Joshua Mwadeghu at the Workshop

The following presentations were done:

Project Development by Dan Kamau

Dan , took center stage to share essential details of the master development plan, encompassing various key aspects.

The Project Director Dan Kamau at the Workshop

In summary Dan talked of the following:

  1. Project Land Area. 1,500 acres (6 km sq)
  2. 3,778 plots and 4,000 buildings of about 1.5 million square meters.
  3. 60 km road and infrastructure network.
  4. The Diaspora University Town is envisioned 25,000 town residents and the 3,500 townhouses and 3,200 apartments the residents shall reside in.
  5. The KSh 20 Billion Diaspora University Endowment and the first 5,000 university students enrolled to benefit from the University.
  6. The Diaspora University Medical Hospital that is planned to grow to a Ksh 5 billion budget hospital.
  7. The Design Build Plan of 300 contracts and the budget of Ksh 38.3 billion. Saying Ksh 10 billion will go to Ndara B Community material supply plan.
  8. The 300 Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), invigorating economic growth and job opportunities.
  9. The finance offer of $100 million and other finances showing the Kenya Deposits and Loan growths in last 5 years. Loans having grown by Ksh 1.3 trillion.  
  10. The daily supply of clean water 2 million litres.
  11. The Ksh 10 Billion Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth.
  12. The Ksh 100 Billion New Assets/Wealth.
  13. The Ksh 50 Billion Property Mortgage & MSME Finance opportunity.
  14. The 200,000 trees to be planted within the town.

Diaspora University Development by Prof. Philliph Mutisya of North Carolina & Dr. Almaz Yohannis-Mbarhi of Nairobi (Formerly of U.S)

The professor who has worked in the academia sector in the U.S talked on the role education plays in economic and social developments. He informed those present that Diaspora University will be based on the WPI model www.wwwpi‌.

Prof. Mutisya speaks to K24 Television during Workshop

Dr. Almaz Yohannis-Mbarhi addressed the crowd on the significance of ICT in the education and modern world.

Dr. Almaz Yohannis-Mbarhi and Prof. Philliph Mutisya at the workshop

The other presenters were as follows:

  1. Joseph Miano & Joseph Mwacharo - Diaspora University Medical Hospital.
  2. Edson Murimi - DUT Credit Ltd finance system
  3. Jones Mwambinghu - Daktari Biotechnology Ltd Medicine and Vaccines.
  4. Eng. Jack Njaramba - The Design-Build System and Plans
  5. Barnabas Mwadembo - The Design-Build buildings construction plans.
  6. Joseph Mwandairo - The Design-Build Road and Infrastructure construction plans
  7. Ronald Mwang'ombe - The Ndara B community building material supply plan. He showed the 14 plan developers aka CEOs starting the 14 Industreis to supply the project.
  8. Mathias Mjomba - Survey and Property registration.
  9. Patrick Mwangombe - Water
  10. Lucas Sule Akich - Tourism & Sagalla Hills Marathon
  11. Tracy Muzembi - DUT - ICT
  12. Jackson Keke-Ndara B Community Farming plan

The Chairman of Ndara B Community, Benjamin Mwandaa expressed heartfelt gratitude for the progress made thus far, instilling a sense of pride and collective ownership in the project.

Chairman Benjamin Mwandaa at the Workshop

One - One Workshop Session

After lunch the attendees had one-on-one sessions with the departments and MSMEs. The goal to seize involved, fostering connections and potential partnerships. The workshop concluded at 5 pm with overwhelming positive feedback from all participants, who expressed their eagerness to join the Diaspora University Town initiative.

Join the Journey - Be a Part of Diaspora University Town

An invitation to the potential investors and entrepreneurs attending was extended. It is the responsibility of one generation to shape a brighter future that fosters education, healthcare, and prosperity.

The message to those attending and others was: "DUT will be nurtured to be a thriving and sustainable community. Be part of this transformational journey by investing in Diaspora University Town, and let's create a legacy that will stand the test of time."


To explore investment opportunities and know more about Diaspora University Town, please visit our website and contact us.We look forward to welcoming you into the Diaspora University Town family!