Diaspora University Town (DUT) is a jobs creation, housing development and gross domestic product (GDP) growth project. The DUT Master Development Plan (MDP) is conceptualized based on the systems that have created jobs, developed houses and grown GDP to $28 trillion in the U.S. The DUT-MDP will create 15,000 jobs. About 10%, 1,500 jobs at DUT, will be taken up by Diaspora Kenyans coming back to Kenya.

Former Worcester, MA Diaspora Isaac Gitau (Left) & Dan Kamau (Right) at DUT Stream running across the DUT Site. They discuss the stone that was moved about 10 meters by rain water.

Dan Kamau who lived in Worcester, MA and took the first job created is currently at Voi working as Diaspora University Trust – Executive Trustee and Diaspora University Town – Project Director. He is joined by Joseph Miano who lived in Baltimore, MD and worked at John Hopkins Medical Hospital; and, Jackson Kimanzi formerly of Worcester, MA and FedEx.

Jakson Kimanzi formerly of Worcester, MA working on DUT at Nairobi 

Joseph’s job is in the Diaspora Medical Hospital plan. The plan that has created two jobs is expected to create about 1,500 jobs of the 15,000 jobs. The jobs will be created as Diaspora University Medical hospital is achieved. Diaspora Kenyans are expected to take up about 500 jobs as they establish and make operational the Hospital medical departments, specialty clinics and other departments. The end product, a Medical hospital similar to any hospital in the developed world.

Jackson, who started to invest in DUT when he was in the City of Worcester, MA upon relocating back to Kenya, took the job of advancing DUT building materials and MSMEs. He is working on how the Diaspora Kenyans can set up industries that will produce building materials and other products currently imported.

Dr. Endege of Boston, MA (Right) and Archiect Dr. David Ogoli (Center) measure where the Daktari Biotechnology Ltd Medicine & Vaccine Plant building will be constructed at DUT Site, Voi. 

Dr. Wilson Endege, the founder of Daktari Biotechnology Ltd has created his job as CEO of the Company. He will in the next few years be spending most of his time in Kenya as the company opens a medicine and vaccines plant and pharmaceutical outlets. He is looking for about 100 Diaspora who will take up the jobs in the medicines and vaccines production plant and the pharmacies.

As Diaspora University takes shape, Diaspora Kenyans will take up some of the faculty and staff jobs. As the university opens about 100 jobs will be created. 50 will be taken up by Diaspora Kenyans. As the first class graduates the university will have about 1,000 jobs created. 400 jobs, about 40%, of the faculty and staff will be taken up by Diaspora returning to Kenya.

Dr. Shompole of Pulman, WA at the DUT building material production section.

The other 500 jobs for the Diaspora Kenyans will be jobs the Diaspora creates as they establish MSMEs, consultancy services in the Design-Build team and other professional services. Dr. Patrick Shompole of Pullman, WA is one of the entrepreneurs looking to establish MSMEs of basic school, petrol station and others.