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Advancing Constitution Rights Through Jobs Creation.

The Diaspora University Town sign on the Voi – Taveta – Arusha (A23) road reads, “Development approved in accordance with Kenya Constitution 185 (4) to advance Kenya Constitution 43 rights (Housing, healthcare, education…) through jobs creation and university town development.”

Kshs 20 Billion Diaspora University Endowment Plan

“Harvard University has an endowment valued at $45 billion! Duke University has an endowment valued at $12 billion! WPI has an endowment valued at $500 million!” says Dan Kamau, the Executive Trustee and Project Director as he explains how the Kshs 20 billion Diaspora University endowment plan.

Kshs 42 Billion Townhouses Development at Diaspora University Town

“The biggest capital input budget into the Diaspora University Town (DUT) will be the townhouse’s development budget,” says Dan Kamau, DUT Executive Trustee and Director when speaking to Diaspora Kenyans and Kenyans during a zoom meeting.

Limestone Mining at Ndara B Community Land

Ndara B Community members made a tour to Kajiado County to the Kajiado Marble Quarry (KMQ) town. They were able to learn about mining of limestone. Ndara B Community land has vast deposits of limestone that the community is looking forward to mine.


The words 20,000 jobs and picture of the Diaspora remittances at the Diaspora University Town offices at Voi brings joy to many hearts. These the young men and women and who are unemployed in Kenya and in Taita Taveta County. They call the project, “The unemployment eliminator.”

DUT Kshs 1 Billion Diaspora Remittances to Taita Taveta Monthly Goal

Diaspora University Town (DUT) team has set its goal as one of having Kshs 1 billion of the Diaspora remittances come to Diaspora University Town in Taita Taveta.

Master Development plan(MDP)

Diaspora University Town is a project founded in 2006 by Professors of WPI University, Prof, (Rtd) Arthur Gerstenfeld and the late Prof. Raphael. Their idea was to start a University in Africa based on WPI Plan.
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